Hold on to the faith!

I feel that one of the greatest challenges now is to hold on to the faith in Jesus Christ and believe the claims of scripture regarding the work that He accomplished on the cross. We must continually and persistently come to the word, deliberately searching out those things that build us up in our faith.

We have to put on for a helmet “the hope of salvation.” and we have to use the shield of faith to quench the fiery darts of the wicked one.  He is the accuser of the Brethren, and he accuses night and day.


The christian landscape seems to be filled with extremes in two directions –  one in the direction of denying the wrath of God, hell and the power of godliness, and the other in the direction of denying aspects of the work of Christ and leaving the Christian in a state of  condemnation and obligation to the law or other legal requirements.

Just looking at churches around me, I see some that are about as serious about salvation as a simpsons episode, and others that seem to be filled with the terrors of the law…

Sometimes we need to just run in the direction of the Lord Himself and put on the armor of God, because it’s really an evil day!  We have to regularly wash ourselves in the word and dig out those portions of the scriptures that magnify the work of the Lord on the cross and assure us of our position in Him.

Jesus said that because lawlessness would abound the love of the many would grow cold, and people would be hating each other and betraying them, but he who “endures to the end” will be saved.  I take this as an admonition to cling to the faith, to cling to the gospel, to cling to the crucified and risen Christ and to keep His work in mind.

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