Kinding My Way Rapture Dreams – 7 over course of two years

In this one, I was just doing normal things around the house and suddenly I became acutely aware of Christ's presence. The very nanosecond  that I realized Christ's presence, joy and peace filled me that I had  known before but was amplified like times 10, 000. My eyes were immediately drawn to look down at my arms and hands as I could feel this transformation happening to me going into my glorified state. 

Everything in my dream had slowed down in that moment to allow me to have the full  enjoyment of this transformation. My natural man began to fade out and dissipate as my glorified body began to manifest. It was coming on in a golden translucent shimmering light. It was more real to me and had far more meaning to me in my dream than my physical body or life on earth ever had. And that was important that I be made aware  of  the substantial change and how it affected my new life as a glorified member of Christ's body. As my natural body dissipated and my glorified body began to appear, I felt weightless yet at the same time I could feel that I had more substance, if you can understand this. Anyway I began to lift up into the air and the higher I lifted the more joy came upon me and more transformation completed at the same time. 

As incredible as the sense of awe was, it did not compare to to my awareness of the love of Christ in that moment. And this awareness of his love just kept growing and seemed like it would never end. But I was given the ability to handle the capacity of his ever increasing love.  

Because I  absolutely felt like I have been translated  into the dream, and the reality of it was so strong on me, I nearly couldn't function after waking up from it for several weeks.

Jesus on the Hearth
I was coming out of my bedroom and rounded the corner and looked at the fireplace and it first I didn’t see anything, but I knew in my spirit not to turn away. Again this heightened sense in my spirit of ‘knowing’ Christ’s presence was in me.
As I continued to stand there I began to see a little Shimmer from a couple feet above the mantle all the way down to the hearth. Then I began to see an outline of Christ coming through. Even just at that point so much joy flooded me, I could not contain it. I knew it was Christ, I knew he was appearing, I knew it was Rapture time.
I started jumping, shouting, clapping my hands and hollering to my mother and one room and my husband in another, “Jesus is here it’s time to go, Jesus is here come and see. Leave everything, finally it’s time to go home!”
The Lord was still manifesting but I could not hold back the joy. I wasn’t about to wait until he had fully appeared to start rejoicing. Takes me back to the scripture when Christ who is our life shall appear…

And then we wer all together and began to lift up and I woke up.I still had the joy from my dream in me and just started running around the house clapping my hands jumping up and down doing a little happy dance. 

The thing that I got from this dream is that the Lord was showing me that he was a-ppear-ing. At that, meaning, the body of Christ is sensing his appearing NOW, athough he has not fully appeared. And that (we have) this blessed hope and our joy is increasing more and more NOW as we are seeing more and more of Christ glorious appearing.

Our joy can be full NOW without waiting and then when he does appear we will be in the zone already. We will not be caught off guard but (in full EXPECTATION) and 'our joy' will be met (in our transformation) with 'Christ's joy unspeakable and full of glory' that He shall bring to us at his appearing. And all of this to his glory. 

It will be an eternal reciprocation. Just as it is not the measure of our faith by which we are saved, but (the object) of our faith. This reciprocation will be that we glory in Christ as he pours more joy upon us. 

The very morning that I woke up from this dream had a video loaded on my phone by someone that I wasn't subscribed to.  I clicked on it and this sister in Christ had just woken up from the exact same dream. It was so wonderful because there's no way I could have timed coming across a video and I just knew right then that the Lord allowed it to be sent to my phone as a confirmation. 

I was on a back-road  driving on a gravel road and suddenly this 'knowing', this awareness of Christ's presence was in me. 

I brought the car to a stop and I looked out the window. The sky began to open up and I could see Jesus a little bit in the distance walking toward this opening in the sky. As he approached the edge of this opening, his eyes and mine we're fixed on each other and I was completely ready to go. His eyes were so beautiful and full of love and affirmation. I was so happy and excited, I just about took the car door off the hinges. I got out and through my hands up as if to lift up and go.

But the Lord lovingly looked at me and smiled and gave me the ' knowing' in my spirit as he was turning away from me very slow as if to walk back, that, (the time is not quite yet.) He communicated with me without saying a word that he's here but it's not quite down to the last split second of leaving yet. And he walked on back and the sky closed up, yet I never lost one ounce of Hope or joy. I was not disappointed but felt his great love 4 people. 

Suddenly there were people all around me that were not there before and I began to plead with them, yelling the Rapture is here, Jesus is here, please come to him NOW, he loves you. I just kept on and on telling everyone this. Some just completely ignored me, some railed on me and some burst into tears and believed on Jesus. There were many different responses but the only thing that mattered to me was making HIS LOVE known. 

My focus shifted from wanting to go in the Rapture to wanting to see people saved, knowing the extreme nearness of our departure.  

Being on a gravel road instead of a paved Road,  I believe means that people are not on the right road yet. The smooth road that's paved with (God's grace) but a road full of gravel, dysfunction and unbelief. A rocky road, a road to nowhere. These people were lost and needed to be found. Then I woke up with even more  of a desire to witness, knowing the time is so short. 
 I came around the corner of a wall in my house and faced the wall that the fireplace is normally on with two windows, one on either side. But in my dream there was no fireplace or individual windows but the entire wall, top to bottom and side to side was one huge window.

I felt drawn to go look through this window. As I did, it became like a magnifying glass. The closer I got to it, this funnel that look like a tornado appeared outside and became clearer and larger as I got closer to the window. This 'knowing' that it was Rapture time filled me.

There were other people around that were running from this funnel, but I knew in my spirit that it was a portal. I started yelling to everyone don't run away but (run into it) it's our Gateway.  I started saying it's the Gate of the lord it's the Gate of the Lord. The sense of importance of 'knowing' this Gateway of the Lord, was extremely important in my dream as it represented the portal by which way we would be transported in the rapture up to meet the Lord in the clouds. 

If one did not understand that this portal this gate of the Lord WAS  (to trust the gospel of Grace). Holy Spirit showed me that the picture of the 'tornados power' if you will,  represents  'the power' of the Gospel of Grace. Romans 1:16
For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is 'the power of God' unto salvation to every one that believeth;

Although I knew we were to get in that portal   if we wanted to go in the rapture, as I looked around people were running scared and I knew I had to persuade them that the portal was safe and how to enter it without fear. 

I was also very much aware that this funnel was going to lift off the ground and disappear up into the sky. This represts the very very soon  rapture. Then I woke up. 

I had just told my mother and husband about this dream and walked into my keeping room. The sunlight was shining through the blinds and hit the wall which created the image of the a perfect funnel tornado type portal I saw in my dream. A sister in Christ put a video up that very day where she drew the funnel and put it in front of her camera and said that the Lord showed her this portal that we're going to be caught up through.  It absolutely blew my mind. I had just dreamed it and she drew it on paper. 

I was in a city not far from me and people were busy everywhere doing life and suddenly I got 'the knowing' in my spirit, the acute awareness of the presence of Christ in me again. I dropped everything in my hands and looked up. 

I heard a loud sound like a rumbling in the sky. The sound begin to change into shofar sounds. The longer I heard it the more clearer it became in the sky begin to open in front of me. 

Angels were decending but yet remaining in the sky.  Suddenly, Christ appeared. Very few people were aware of his appearing. People were still busy all around me but a few of us were focused on what was happening. 

As all of us were looking at Christ, he was individually looking at each one of us. He had his hand out in front of him with two fingers pointing forward together and then he pointed at each individual person and nodded his head in affirmation of each person.

The look on his face was one of strong protection. One of authority, of coming to claim that which was his. This put steel in my soul. I knew that I belong to Christ and I knew that he knew me! 

We did not  get caught up in the Rapture yet. But my attention  was actually turned by Christ without him speaking a word,  to  all the people in the city around me who did not even know this was happening. 

Then I looked back at the Lord and this time, that strong look of affirmation for those of us that already belong to him and authority he had over us (redeemed) to claim us, had changed. 

He had such  love  in his eyes as he looked out over the city and tears filled his eyes. I could see the longing  in his eyes for these  lost and hurting people. 

With all the busyness going on and people being oblivious to Christ all around me, and knowing the longing a Jesus heart, I knew I could not go in the Rapture just yet, although I knew Christ was here, yet not fully. 

His heart was to redeem more with the few moments we have left  before the rapture. And I woke up and of course all I could think was go out and get as many as I can to come to Christ. 


One night I was in my house with my family, extended family and many people visiting, house was full.  Suddenly we heard a sound outside and we all went out piled up on both the upper and lower deck and we're standing around looking up and we knew something was happening concerning the rapture. 

Although it was nighttime  and the sky was dark,  we could see people walking around  in the clouds  and they appeared to be lit up. we were all amazed at what we were seeing.

As we're  watching those above us and waiting, more people began to to fill the yard (we've got over an acre of fenced-in backyard so this was a good bit of people (relatively speaking).I did not know any of them but they just kept increasing. 

My two sons are 33 and 35 years old now, but in my dream they were  5 and 7. I knew how old they were in my dream.

Many of us had beautiful helium balloons to suddenly appear in our hands. We were getting excited and happy, it was a time of Celebration, it was time to finally go home in the rapture. 

Our attention was drawn up to the  right to look up into the sky. We heard the sound of a trumpet. I bent down wrapped my arms around my children and said are you ready to go home!  They each looked me in the eyes with an absolute assurance and said yes Mom, we're so happy to see Jesus. 

At that, I stood back up started clapping and shouting with them and we all released our beautiful helium balloons into the air.  The sky began to open. As the opening grew larger, the light got brighter. Then Christ appeared with angels all around him.  

At first, I wanted to look at his face but my eyes or drawn immediately to his wounds. Suddenly it's as if I myself became my eyes and I was transported immediately up to Jesus' hands, feet  and side only. 

A sense of complete adoration and awe was on me. I was so overwhelmed with love for Christ and I could not take my eyes off of his wounds where he had been pierced through on that cross. 

It was so beautiful to me and it made my worship so intense. I was filled with such deep love and gratitude for what Christ has done for me and total awareness of the Liberty I have been given. I had complete joy in the victory Jesus had secured for me in his death burial Resurrection.  

Suddenly, I'm back on the deck with my children and my husband and family and I'm looking out over all of these people in the yard and I knew that not all of them was going up with us in the rapture.It was time to go and the lord gave a shout and up we went. 

Although my heart felt so much sorrow for these people, my full attention and focus what's on Christ. In this dream I was not compelled to stay. Time was up, it was over, we were gone!  

I believe the people full of light that we saw walking around in the dark sky above  represent two things.  

One, those of us on earth  that are light in the Lord, who are to bring others to Christ the one  who translates them out of darkness into his kingdom of light. And two, those of us in Christ walking above the darkness of this world. 

The beautiful helium balloons being released represents our being 'drawn up to Christ' in the rapture. The point is, the balloon does not do the work of rising. It's filled with the substance that makes it rise,  just as we are filled with Holy Spirit.  

My children being 5 and 7 of course represents five Grace and 7 Perfection and completion.  

My family being present  in this dream brings to mind  the jailer who feared that Paul and Silas escaped was told (after believing)  "you and your household will be saved." (God loves saving whole families). 

Me focusing on Christ's wounds and feeling all the love and deep affection for him as I did, shows me  this will be the case in heaven. Although we will see him as king of kings and Lord of lords high lifted up Seated on his throne reigning supremely over all things,  we will NEVER lose sight of his wounds. They are the very means of our redemption!  

Then I woke up from this dream and of course the love for Christ was the Paramount thing in this dream to me and this compelled me to keep on out of love for Christ to bring as many as I can to him before this extremely soon Rapture happens.

I was walking across a parking lot between some office buildings with someone and  I got this urgency and 'knowing' in my spirit  that the Rapture was about to take place as well as the tribulation was just about to start.  

I looked up into the sky and the airplanes I saw were hit with a missiles.  

Other planes were in the sky that were not American. Foreign soldiers were parachuting down to the ground and going after people, killing them. 

Everywhere I ran God's protection was on me.  I knew in my spirit of all the buildings, which one I was to go into.  

Even though all around the entrance of the building were enemy soldiers, they did not see me and I got past them into the building.  I was kept safe there until we were rescued in the rapture. Then I woke up.  

The first thing I understood from this dream is that the Rapture will be a time of catching some people off guard because it was a day of work (office buildings) and doing life just as any other normal day.  The next thing  I get  from this is  that World War 3 and the start of the tribulation is not far off. 

The 'safe building' I ran into is  Christ and being secured in (the body of Christ.) We are ( the building) of God.  

Although there were enemy soldiers (the enemy) at the door, every person that Holy Spirit brings to Christ is protected from the enemy and will make it into the building/body of Christ. 

Also, it is a place of safety because once they're in Christ, they are safe because they are (SEALED by Holy Spirit.) 

This dream affected my urgency to let people know how close the Rapture is and that tribulation is about to start in this world. 


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